Exceptional milking, chilling and processing for TruMilk means it is, without doubt, the cleanest cows’ milk in today’s market.

From the moment the cow enters the computerised milking parlour she is cleaned and milked according to a 7 step international system, this ensures that TruMilk is “milked clean.” Her temperature is also checked by the computerised milking machines to ensure that the cow is healthy, because only healthy cows give clean, healthy milk.

Immediately after the cow has been milked, into a closed system without ever being exposed to the air (let alone anything else like flies or dirty hands), the milk is rapid chilled to 4oC . It then goes through sterile closed pipes directly to the processing plant where it is pasteurised, processed according to variety, and then packed. During the whole time since it left the cow, your TruMilk has been in a closed system. Never exposed even to the air! Click here to see more pictures of our processing and packing plant!


  • "TruMilk is very tasty and delicious. My family and I like the freshness of this milk. We have been having this milk for almost..." Read More>>

    Mrs Gupta, South Delhi
  • "TruMilk tastes better than any other brand of milk. My husband cannot have his cereal without TruMilk. We chose milk..." Read More>>

    Shweta Banerjee, South Delhi

  • "We have been consuming TruMilk for the past 2 years because it is fresh, clean, healthy, pasteurized and 100% cow milk..." Read More>>

    Seema Goyal, Ludhiana

  • "TruMilk is the cleanest and safest milk to drink in Punjab. My children have cold milk with their cereal every morning..." Read More>>

    Dr Vijay Bector , Ludhiana

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