7 Truths About TruMilk

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Clean Fodder Means Clean Milk

TruMilk cows eat only the best fodder that is tested to ensure it has minimum pesticide residues. There’s no chance of any nasties creeping into the system!

Milked Not Collected

All TruMilk Cows live in our own premises. We simply don't collect from anywhere else so we can vouch for our quality 100% - from the cow to the customer.

100% Pure Cows Milk!

TruMilk is 100% cow’s milk. We know because the cows live in our own farms. No mixing of other milks. Just pure, clean, fresh TruMilk Cow’s milk!

Cold Chain Cleanliness

From cow to consumer, at no point does TruMilk come into contact with human hands, flies or anything else you wouldn’t want in your milk.

Drinkable Straight from the Pack

TruMilk is the Freshest Cleanest Safest milk available in India today. And because it’s a whole new standard of milk, you can drink it straight from the pack – just like you can in Europe! No need to boil!

There's Nothing Nasty in TruMilk!

TruMilk is exactly that. Pure, unadulterated, fresh clean milk. We don’t inject our TruMilk Cows with hormones to make them give us more milk and our processing system is sealed so there’s no way anything unwanted can creep in.

Healthy Happy Cows

TruMilk cows are healthy happy cows! They live in farms with 24 hour veterinary care and that meet international standards. And only healthy cows give healthy milk.



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    Mrs Gupta, South Delhi
  • "TruMilk tastes better than any other brand of milk. My husband cannot have his cereal without TruMilk. We chose milk..." Read More>>

    Shweta Banerjee, South Delhi

  • "We have been consuming TruMilk for the past 2 years because it is fresh, clean, healthy, pasteurized and 100% cow milk..." Read More>>

    Seema Goyal, Ludhiana

  • "TruMilk is the cleanest and safest milk to drink in Punjab. My children have cold milk with their cereal every morning..." Read More>>

    Dr Vijay Bector , Ludhiana

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